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A Rolex , a story – Annika Sörenstam

 Annika Sörenstam

A Rolex , a story

Annika Sörenstam is the most successful woman golfer in history. She has won 89 international competitions and 10 Grand Slam awards, laying the standard of golf and being admired by the younger generation. Sörenstam is an outstanding sports star, both of her mentality and physical strength are extraordinary. She has two Rolex watches, witnessing her ascent to the top of the golf world over 20 years.

To be a champion, some conditions must be met. I think the first condition is to be the real self

Annika Sörenstam
Annika Sörenstam

I am not sure why I have won many victories in the early stages of my career because I am not the tallest, strongest or fastest player. To be strong, some conditions must be met. I think the first condition is to be true to yourself. The second thing is to love what you do. The third is hard working. My father always teaches me that there is no shortcut to success. Golf allows me to understand many things, the most valuable one is patience. You may be outstanding for a certain hole, but in the golf tournament, we have to face a total of 18 holes! If you are going to be good at something, you always have to spend a lot of time exploring and examining your abilities. Golf is not only about physical fitness, but also the mentality of the players, so you must believe and trust yourself.

In 1994, I won the LPGA Rolex Rookie of the Year award , and the situation at the time is still vivid in my mind. That year I decided to join the golf career and I think it’s a right choice. I finally ascended to the world’s largest women’s golf stage and participated in the largest tournament. When you look closely at all the annual Rolex Rookie Award winners, you will find that they are all very successful in their career, including Nancy Lopez , Pat Bradley and other famous players. 1995 was a year of my career breakthrough, not only did I win many awards in grand contests, but also the Rolex Player of the Year . I believe that the achievements made in 1994 will help me succeed in the following year.

At that time, I chose a datejust watch. Before that, I had never seen this watch before outside magazines, even my parents didn’t possess it, so it meant a lot to me. The watch still accompanies me to this day.

Annika Sörenstam
Annika Sörenstam

It is my great honor to wear the first Rolex watch and use it as a foundation for the future. I have a good working relationship with Rolex, which has helped me to start my career. This is not only the beginning of the watch, but also the memory of partnership and experience with it.

I learned that experience is not gained by a hurry or purchase, but by a cumulative effort. After 20 years from the purchase of the first wrist watch, I bought another datejust-watch.

If the watch has a passport, it must be stamped fully with seals of various nations,

I inscribed the words “Go with Rolex for 20 years” on the bottom cap of my wristwatch, which summed up my career, ranging from Rookie of the year to the award of Player of the Year, to winning the tournaments and joining the Hall of Fame. Rolex watches have accompanied me through countless milestones in my life.

After 20 years from the purchase of the first wrist watch , I bought another datejust-watch.

If the watch has a passport, it must be stamped fully with seals of various nations, 

It symbolizes this career that is more brilliant than I imagined. The watch reminds me of many memories, the mental course of me over the years, and the support I have received.

Annika Sörenstam
Annika Sörenstam

Introduction to A New Type of Rolex [A New Type at the 2017 Basel Watch Fair]—— Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41

Example of classic watch

Just as all the Rolex watches, the new oyster perpetual Datejust 41 has been certified by the leading Observatory Certification in 2015, which ensures the watch to exert a top-level performance for the wearer.

New feature

Oyster watchcase, waterproof

904L steel mid-layer case

18ct white gold outer ring

3235 movement

Eternal classic

Datejust-type is a classic model of the classic wrist watches, unfading both in function and aesthetic style. The watch, which came out in 1945, is the first automatically-winding waterproof watch certified by Observatory certification with a date window at the 3 O’clock position. The watch embodies all the major innovations of the Rolex at the time, laying a milestone for modern watches. From the aesthetic point of view, the different models of the datejust Watch , over years of baptism, still retain the original aesthetic characteristics. As a result, the datejust type becomes one of the most recognizable famous watches.

ROLESOR, a combination of gold and steel

In 1933, Rolex registered Rolesor (Gold steel) as a trademark, and the gold-steel combination has became one of the hallmarks of the Rolex watch. Rolesor fused the two metals together: gold, which is both noble and precious, full of luster and stable, and therefore very attractive; steel, is unbreakable, firm, trustworthy. These qualities perfectly reflect the elegance and excellence of the Rolex watch. As for the white Gold Steel model, the middle-layer case and strap are made of 904L steel, and the triangular sunken patterns are built with 18ct white gold. The datejust-type 41 Oyster case ensures a waterproof depth of 100 m (330 ft), which is an example of firm elegance and perfect ratio. The unique form of the middle-level case is made of solid 904L steel. The bottom cover of the triangle sunken pattern is tightened with special tools, which seal the case, so only the Rolex workman can open the movement. The winding Crown has double locking dual-lock waterproof system, which is firmly tightened at the case. The mirror face is made of blue crystal, not easy to scrape. At The 3 o’clock position adds a small window convex lens for easy reading of the calendar. The waterproof oyster case provides the best protection for the datejust type 41 with a high precision movement .

I have bought a datejust watch from the website at a price that is 1/10 of the real one in the exclusive Rolex store, but its quality is no different from the real one, so I commend it to you, it’s a good website.



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